The belief that there is a higher power than our physical body - for me personally it is God when I know that I am not alone and can rely on Him in difficult situations. You will be encouraged to choose a prayer or a gratitude journal in your day to day routine.
You will create new habits. In this program, it is important to believe that what we desire can be achieved. Let’s remember: If we want to achieve something in the future, we have to believe that it is possible today.
You will learn which foods are best to choose, which foods to eat less or not to eat at all. We will regain control of our hands, stop "living for food, and eating for life." Food in our daily lives is needed to rebuild our strengths, not to waste them on digestion.
You will learn to enjoy food - eat sitting down, slowly, properly chew food, taste, smell, mix food of different textures.
I will introduce what physical activity is beneficial during this program.
You will learn to plan and be ready if temptations arise.
You will find out what is the meaning behind the overweight. It is important to learn the lessons of the past, not to carry on a “hump” baggage that does not help us to improve and become better than yesterday. Learning to love and accept ourselves is the most important lesson in our lives, because our exterior often reflects our inner feelings.
You will discover what gives you joy in life. Very often through food we try to fill our emotional voids or it becomes the only way to experience the pleasure and enjoy the life.  


Weight loss program (only available in Lithuanian)