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8 Nutritional Tips To Stay Healthy During Winter – Nutritionist Tautvile

Nutritionist at CP Medical ClinicTautvile Sliazaite, gives us her top tips to stay healthy during the winter months

Increase foods high in Vitamin C, like raw dark green leafy vegetables, lemon, kiwi fruit and berries (you can even use frozen ones). Vitamin C is one of the most powerful antioxidant which helps to support your immune system.Boast your Zinc levels, one of the most important mineral for healthy immune system, by eating oysters, lobster, seafood and pumpkin seeds.“Slice of garlic a day – keeps the virus away”. Start using raw (uncooked) sliced garlic on already cooked meals, sandwiches and salads. Worried about the breath – eat that in the evening.Spice it up – your meals should always have ginger, turmeric and black pepper – when combined together they have a great power to protect you from bacteria and viruses.

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